Generate badges from list

I would like to generate badges from an IEnumerable (from a datasource based in a junction table). I am trying to apply badges to a columns based on relevant record information, similar to the Issue List Label column. What is the best way to accomplish this and can someone please share a sample code? I assume a 'for each' will be required, but I'm not familiar with how to generate a new badge for each item.

I can almost accomplish what I want with a flexed data list with a badge showing the data inside, but the datalist automatically adds a large card around each item which is not desirable.

There are various threads in this forum demonstrating such syntax. For example:

You can use column Template property to place your custom template.

Thanks @enchev, I will give this a try!

@enchev, thank you for your help. This worked for me. My issue initially was trying to figure how to add the 'for each' statement through the IDE so it wouldn't get wiped out on every Radzen change. I simply placed my code with an HTML object within the column template as you suggested which propagated the code:

                              <p style="white-space:normal">
                              @foreach (Compass.Models.CompassData.SubControlValidation item in subcontrolvalidations.Where( i => i.SubControlId == compassModelsCompassDataSubControl.Id))
                              <RadzenBadge IsPill= "true" BadgeStyle="BadgeStyle.Info" style="margin-left: 8px" Text="@(validationtypes.Where( i => i.Id == @item.ValidationTypeId).FirstOrDefault().Validation)" ></RadzenBadge>


Thanks a lot!