Using RequiredValidator in a Foreach

I have a list of numerical inputs that a user can edit and I have a RadzenNumeric and RadzenRequiredValidator being used. However when the form submits it does not trigger the validation of the elements in that foreach

@foreach (Models.Ingredients.MeasuredIngredient measuredIngredient in CompoundIngredient.MeasuredIngredients)
                            <div class="ingredient-seperator"></div>
                            <div class="row ingredient">
                                <div class="amountInput col-6 col-md-2">
                                    <RadzenNumeric class="newInput" Name="Amount" @bind-Value="measuredIngredient.Amount" TValue="decimal" Min="0"></RadzenNumeric>
                                    <RadzenRequiredValidator class="rz-message rz-messages-error rz-message-popup newInputValidation" Component="Amount" Text="Amount is required" DefaultValue="0" Popup="true" />

Is it possible to use Validators in a loop like this?

It looks like the Name and Component are always rendered the same and are not individually referenced. So If there are a list of 4 and 1 of them has a value then all of them are valid. I would need a way to make each render Name and Component Unique