Error: Circuit has been shut down due to error (Export)

Export to EXCEL / CSV:

Blazor Circuit has been shut down due to error after upgrading to 3.1.8

Seems to be a known issue with 3.1.8.

Yes. I noted the occurrence here to inform the community and also to support the Radzen team to find a solution, if possible.

The Radzen team does not fix Blazor issues. You have to either install an earlier version of .NET Core or wait for this PR to be officially released.

Okay. Thank you very much

@korchev This happened with me today. I'm sure I've made all the updates.

This is my code:

await BudgetEngineStgDb.ExportEdmEstCorporativasToExcel(new Query() { Filter = $@"{grid0.Query.Filter}", OrderBy = $"{grid0.Query.OrderBy}" }, $"Estrutura Corporativa");

public async Task ExportEdmEstCorporativasToExcel(Query query = null, string fileName = null)
            navigationManager.NavigateTo(query != null ? query.ToUrl($"export/budgetenginestgdb/edmestcorporativas/excel(fileName='{(!string.IsNullOrEmpty(fileName) ? UrlEncoder.Default.Encode(fileName) : "Export")}')") : $"export/budgetenginestgdb/edmestcorporativas/excel(fileName='{(!string.IsNullOrEmpty(fileName) ? UrlEncoder.Default.Encode(fileName) : "Export")}')", true);

        public FileStreamResult ExportEdmEstCorporativasToExcel(string fileName = null)
            return ToExcel(ApplyQuery(context.EdmEstCorporativas, Request.Query), fileName);

I already said that this is a Blazor issue unrelated to Radzen. It also seems that a fix has not been released yet. As I said above installing an earlier version than 3.1.8 should solve the problem.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Here is my contribution for : how to export to excel from radzen and blazor

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