Dynamic Tabs with dynamic tab contents

Can anyone please help me with the tab.
I want to know How to dynamically add Form(as a tab content like same forms in each tab) in the dynamic tab. When we open each tab, it should .contain the form with submit button and we can remove the tab also. Is there any code to add a Razor component(Razor Page) as a tab content. How to get the same Form in the tabs . When i failed to add the tab content dynamically i tried to add a EDITFORM that i created in one razor page inside the tabcontent.
Thank you !

This thread might help you:

You might need also to check this article for more info about programmatically creation of Blazor components:

Hey @Jiz,

I’ve already posted more info on this topic and I don’t have any else to add.

Thank you @enchev i really appreciate that. But can you suggest how to add and remove a radzen tab dynamically by clicking the button. i dint find anything around that.
it would be a great help for me to learn from that. I would be so grateful. Thank You!


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Thank You @enchev . I will try that.