Duplicate application using differ name and differ DB - continue

Refer to Duplicate application using differ name and differ DB

It looks as in every page designe.cs the namespace should change name for new name of application.


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Thank you for understanding.

So we wouldn't do extend licence. And we coludn't buy additional new licence

Radzen generates the namespace from the name of the application. It also generates all *.designer.cs files on every application run (unless they are in the code generation ignore list for whatever reason).

All steps required to duplicate an application have been listed in the other thread. You need to follow them and fix any remaining compilation errors manually. If you open another thread and ask the same we will just disable your account.

I am not 100% what this means but I guess you are threatening to cancel your subscription.
Please ask the person who bought the subscription to confirm this request over email. We will happily cancel it as soon as we get the confirmation.

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