DropDownDataGrid not styling disabled rows and bug on select all

i found 2 problems with DropDownDataGrid .

  1. If a row is disabled by the DisabledProperty is not being styled like DropDown component

  2. If u check "select all" it will select even the rows that are disabled (this happens in normal DropDown too)

Thanks in advance

Found another bug
3) AllowSelectAll property set to false doesnt work on DropDownDataGrid.

We've fixed the problem with selecting disabled items and the fix will be part of our next update Monday. It's not possible to check internally AllowSelectAll in case DropDownDataGrid since this functionality is not built-in however we've updated our demo.

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Thanks echecv u too fast :rofl:
So we cant have the same style as dropdown when a row is disabled? Cause checkboxes is created in the Template (by user not built in feature in radzen cmp) and so we cant access the DisabledProperty?
Like this:

Fix for this will be included in the next update. I was referring AllowSelectAll property.

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Ok sry i misunderstood