RadzenDropDown.DisabledProperty Multiple Selection Issue

Issue can be reproduced on the Radzen Blazor Components demo page:
Consider the following scenario in the "Multiple Selection with chips:

  1. All of the following items are disabled items, and selected in the drop down

  2. Per my expectations and the disabled state of the items, I am unable to click the X in the chip, or click the item in the dropdown to remove its selected state.

  3. If I were to click select all in the drop down, all items become selected, again per my expectations

  4. My issue can be observed when I then, unclick the select all checkbox in the drop down. Note that all items, even the disabled and originally selected items have become unselected:

  5. The opposite is also true in the case where nothing is selected, the user can select all items, including disabled items via the select all checkbox in the drop down:

I feel like this is a bug, I would expect disabled item's state (selected or unselected) to be left alone when using the select all checkbox.

We’ve made several fixes today related to what you’ve reported: