Dialog service not working in hybrid project. But no error

We are in the middle of a migration from MVC to Blazor for one of our projects. But this wil take a longer time so there is a longer period where both are active. We use some simple radzen blazor parts which are working great.

But we cannot figger out how to get the dialog service working in the mixed project. Is this possible to combine the to and does anybody has en example.

We registerd the dialog service as scoped and for now we injected in our component. But that does not result in a working setup.

Hope someone can help

You need to include RadzenDialog in your MainLayout.

But that is still a cshtml

That's the steps you need to perform as described in our Getting started:

Add the NuGet package of Radzen.Blazor

Add the imports

Add the required CSS styles

Add the required JavaScript

Register Radzen.Blazor components

Add special containers to your layout

The result:

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We have a MasterTemplate.cshtml instead of a MainLayout.razor. The styling and scripts in the MasterTemplate.cshtml work, but the RadzenDialog tag doesn't work. Probably because it isn't a razor file.

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You can then add <RadzenDialog /> to the .razor file itself.

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Thank you, korchev, it works! Iā€™m going to tell Vincent that the dialog works!

Hi, Could you give me an example of how it works for you? I added but it still doesn't work, and I'm not sure what I'm missing. I'm working on a project in MVC. Thanks a lot