Deployment problem after migrating from .net core 3.1 to .net 7


I have successfully migrated my radzen app from .net core 3.1 to .net 7. It works and I can deploy it with visual studio´s deployment mechanism. When I want to deploy it out of radzen IDE it doesn´t work. For some reason radzen still seems to "think" that the app is .net core 3.1.

When I build or run it in radzen IDE, binary code is created in subdirectory net7.0, so this is fine. When I deploy there are no files transfered to target server.

I guess there must be somewhere a possibility to tell radzen that the app is .net 7 now but I could not find it so far.

Please can you help?

Thanks and kind regards


Same applies for Blazor:

Thank you Vladimir, the parameter serverVersion was exactly what I was looking for. Now it works.

It took me three times to find a way to migrate my blazor server app from .net core 3.1 to .net 7. May be it could be helpful for somebody else to describe how I finally succeeded.

First I opened my 3.1 version in Visual Studio and changed the target framework in vs project to 7.0.

Then I updated all nuget packages to their correct versions for .net 7. I then had to correct all code errors which VS showed because because of things that have changed after updating the packages. After all this I had a running version in .net7. During this work I had left radzen configured to version 3.

When version 7 was running I changed radzen serverversion to 7. now radzen created new files, where some of them were slighty different. It was important to be aware of all files you have excluded because of changes you have made for your app. It was necessary to remove all exclusions and to reimplement manually your specific modifications and to exclude those files again.

After that everything was fine so far and I could work in radzen as if it was a .net 7 version all the time.

I did not encounter any problems with identity although I am using identity services.

Hope this might help anybody.

Best regards