Transition from .Net 3.1 to 6

I would like to upgrade my existing Angular application from .Net 3.1 to 6. Is the version 6 supported by Radzen?
If yes, except Upgrade Angular project with .Net 3.1 to .Net 5 - #10 by johnmu , is there any documentation/steps explaining how I can switch versions hopefully without any troubles?


Hi @ozgur_agi,

There is no easy way to achieve this. Radzen templates (generated meta) are .NET version dependent and some components have different features/settings. Also security tables are different between .NET versions - you might have problems if you have default security (.NET Identity) enabled.

Still, you can try the following If you do not have any custom code in the /server folder and default security:

  1. Delete the entire /server folder
  2. Change serverVersion from 3 to 6 in meta/app.json
  3. Run the application from Radzen.

Hi @enchev
I have many of them. It means I have to cancel this.

If I create a new application with .Net 6, would that work? Or 3.1 is a must with Radzen?

Default framework for new applications in Radzen is .NET6.