Deployed app på iiss user not seen i Database

if a user is logged in, the user does not switch to the Database by:

Data Source = localhost; Initial Catalog = ListerSql; Integrated Security = True

when the application is deployed to the iiss.

If I run the application in through Radzen
Can I see the user in the Database.

What do I do two to be able to see the user in the database when deployed to the Iiiss.

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Hi @Carsten_Gissel,

I am not sure I understand what you are saying. It sounds as if your IIS process cannot log to your MSSQL server through windows authentication. This happens often because the account under which IIS works doesn't have the required access to MSSQL. Check this thread: MS SQL Server with Windows Authentication


Yes, that's right, that's the problem, we would have liked to have authenticated further from the app (radzen) to iss and to the database with the user who is on. But I there are not many who do it. We thought you might have a smart solution to that. but it is not quite easy double hub, Kerberos there is a hell. but thanks anyway

with best regards