DataGridMultipleSelection - problem converting @bind-Value=@multipleValues

I have a similar problem as mentioned here:

I need to get the selected items from the grid and pass them to another method.

I need to make my bind-value an object or else it won't compile.
Logging this object in the console log reveals it contains a list of my selected items.
I'm struggling with how to convert this object to the List<MyClass> parameter I expect.

I tried numerous options like casting to List<MyClass>, IList<MyClass>, IEnumerable<MyClass>, using .ToList() on the variable but all I get are either compiletime errors or runtime errors saying I'm not casting right.

The example you've provided in the documentation is only storing the selection but is not doing anything with it.

I would really appreciate if you could explain how to continue with the selected items from the grid.

The example is here and it's fully operational:

You can get the project to play with it.

I'm now not converting the multivalues variable but I'm just passing it as an object to my controller.
My controller is converting it to a proper list of MyClass.
I can now continue.

Hi Paul, can you please share the code? I have the same problem.