Data Label



Is it possible to show the data labels all the time? I need it to be viewed persistently not only as a tool tip option.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @masiw48,

This is not currently possible. It is something we have on our roadmap though.

thanks for your quick answer, is there any expected date?

Is this roadmap still being updated?

Hey @kim,

Yes, the roadmap is regularly updated. We will add soon Radzen 3.0 related stuff as well.

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Hi i have Radzen 3.1.3 still i could not find the feature which i want(Possibility to show the data labels all the time),would you lease provide me with expected date. thanks in advanced.

We don't have an expected data for the moment. Also check our FAQ about feature requests.

is there any update for showing the data labels all the time when using RadzenChart.
I am currently use the Radzen 3.9.9. and i could not find the feature yet.

Thank you.

No. We have not implemented that feature and don't have an ETA for it.