Customize the width of the dropdown panel

I am trying to create a DropDown which contains a template: a flag icon and a dial code. However, the dropdown contents will have the flag icon, the dial code + country name. This total width when selected is like (dropdown closed) should be so wide that only the flag and dialing code is shown; however, when the dropdown is open, I would like to see a much wider panel dropdown. I tried to use the PopupStyle, setting width to 3 times bigger, however, this is not working, as the rz-dropdown-items-wrapper is set to this width, but the parent popup (rz-dropdown-panel) has a width and min-width set to the width of the dropdown itself.

This has a style on the popup
'style="display: block; box-sizing: border-box; z-index: 2000; left: 503px; top: 551.367px; width: 84px; min-width: 84px;"'

If I remove the width: 84px in de dev tools ->

So any advice how to accomplish this, big thanks!

Hi @stefandevogelaere,

You can add a custom width via CSS by cascading through the CSS classes .rz-dropdown-panel.rz-popup - have a look at this thread.