Culture RESX - Tabs-Control problems


when using a Tabs-Control and culture, the generated resx files cannot be opened in VS because the Name Attribute is missing.


<RadzenTabsItem Icon="supervisor_account" Text="Kundendaten">

<data name="" xml:space="preserve">

I have to manually change the names in the resx file, then I am able to open it in VS.
But if I run the application with Radzen again, the resx files gets overwritten.

So: I am not able to use the culture with Tab Controls.

Can you please have a look into this?


You can check my reply here:

Hi, thank you for your answer.
But how can I translate the name of the Tab headers then? They have no name, so the translation will not be found.


You can set name and Radzen will not overwrite it however you should do this in the resx file not for the default culture.

Well i don't understand how the header of the tabs can be translated. In the Razor compoment the text is just plan text without the @L in front.

this gets translated: Text="@L["KNDLFDNRLabel.Text"]"
this gets not translated: Text="Kundendaten"

I am not able to give the tab pages names, so the translation will not be found in the resx file.

The result is: rad

Red is not translated, green is.

I got his working with the following trick:

Change the resx file with an editor, like this:

 <data name="Kundendaten" xml:space="preserve">
    <value>Customer data</value>

Then set the text property of the header from hand to this:

Maybe you can add the possibilty to set the name for tab pages in a future update, that would be a lot easier.