CSS Themes


Are there any available different stylish themes out there other than the default, dark, standard, humanistic, and software?

Thank you.

Yes, there are premium themes available with Radzen subscriptions:

To use a premium theme in your custom Visual Studio application you need to copy the theme CSS file from an existing Radzen Application.

I don't have any existing Radzen app :slight_smile:

You can create one using Radzen (Download). You can also edit the existing themes using the built-in theme builder, see Theme Customization.

Is there anyway to accomplish theme customization within the razden blazor studio?

Theme customization is always within Radzen Blazor Studio:

I was able to apply a free theme by applying the following code to the index.html file:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="_content/Radzen.Blazor/css/standard-base.css">

That actually applied the theme to the existing components that i've made within a .net application. However, i'm not getting the same quality of results when exporting the custom theme json. Is there a way to get a theme that's css i can use within my existing application while using it from Visual Studio, instead?

Please use code blocks when posting code - more info can be found in our FAQ. Not sure you read our replies in your other thread?

Here is again link to our documentation how to use premium theme in your existing app:

How do you load a new font like Arial into the studio? It seems to apply the font to the designer but it doesn't add it to the fonts directory located within the wwwroot directory.

Fonts are loaded from the theme CSS - check the code of the theme for reference.

Your observation is correct. Radzen Blazor Studio doesn't include custom fonts in the wwwroot directory. It only includes the fonts from the built-in themes (free or premium).