Apply Radzen license for theme download

How do I apply a license that i've recently purchased in order to get access to the themes that have been purchased? What are the steps involved?

Hi @guest,

Premium themes are available in Radzen Studio:

If you need just the theme CSS you can create an empty application in Radzen Studio, change the theme and copy the CSS to your application. How to register the CSS can be found in the components Getting started:

Well, that leads me to my next question. I've recently purchased the professional edition and received a license. However, upon applying that license it tells me the key is invalid:

Why did that happen and how can i install the studio using my license?

Make sure you are using the key in the right product. We have two - you seem to be using Radzen - make sure that the key is for Radzen and not Radzen Blazor Studio.

UPDATE: I checked our licensing system for your email and indeed you seem to have purchased a license for Radzen Blazor Studio. That license key will not work in Radzen. You can download Radzen Blazor Studio and use the license key there.

Okay, good to know. But, how do i get a theme to use in my application with that license?

How do i apply a theme that i've purchased to my existing application?

@guest Have you tried what I’ve suggested in my first reply?

Here is a direct link to the section which covers this case - using a premium theme in an existing application: