CRUD Pages

Hi, I'm new to Radzeb Blazor Studio.

I'm doing my first simple app with two tables, Persons and Clubs.

I build it and tested do add a clubb but when a click Save i would like to empty the form and refresh the grid (list) that does not happen.

Is there somthing I missed?

Hi @VictorW60,

Indeed at the moment the form isn't cleared after clicking the save button. If you want to clear it you should add some code in the FormSubmit method:

        protected RBSServer.Models.RadzenSample.Product product;

        protected async Task FormSubmit()
                var result = isEdit ? await RadzenSampleService.UpdateProduct(product.Id, product) : await RadzenSampleService.CreateProduct(product);
                // Initialize a new instance of the model with default values
                product = new RBSServer.Models.RadzenSample.Product();
            catch (Exception ex)
                errorVisible = true;

In this example product is the name generated for the entity by Radzen Blazor Studio.