CRM Tutorial Not Working

The most significant issues I find is that the tutorial has several errors in it and is dated (old).

  1. under the heading "Extend the AspNetUsers table" there are instructions for creating the migration for ef to add the 'FirstName, LastName, Picture' colums to the 'AspNetUsers' table but no instructions how to execute them. I discovered by googling the ef command that this works:
    ' dotnet ef database update --context ApplicationIdentityDbContext'

  2. under the heading 'update the Application Users page', the instructions and video are dated (old), they don't match my version 2.70.8.

  3. I managed to work around 2) using the new interface but I ran into this issue:
    when I go to add a column to the datagrid on the 'Application Users' page, for example 'First Name' I find that the property 'FirstName' (and the other two added in 1) 'LastName' and 'Picture') do not show up in the Property drop-down for the new column. It's like the $(users) Data source is not getting updated with the new columns. I verified that they did make it to the database after running 1) but they don't show up in the interface. Am I missing something that is not in the instructions?


Maybe you've missed this part of the article:

Please make sure you are looking at the Blazor part of the tutorial, not Angular.

Not sure what can cause this, try to exit the application and open it again.

No, I did that part but it's only the first step - that just creates the migration script. What's missing in the instructions is step 2: the command 'dotnet ef database update --context ApplicationIdentityDbContext' which actually commits the change to the database.

  1. I did make sure I am looking at the Blazor part of the tutorial. I started at this page:

Introduction | Create a Blazor CRM application with Radzen (Blazor) which took me to this page:

  1. regarding the properties not showing up, I did exit the application and opened it again... still no luck!

Thanks for the prompt reply btw!