Content container cloning grid box


Currently working on a project that requires a header and a body. So I added two content containers, One for each. unfortunately they seem to be cloning the grid that is supposed to be in the body, inside of the header while still retaining the old grid under the header grid.

Here are the photos for reference:


How it actually is displaying:

I did not add the grid inside of the header.

Thank you.

Hi @JMorin,

Can you post more info what your are trying to achieve? Our default template is using header, body and footer defined in the layout itself and the body content comes from pages:

I have created my own layout, with a header that is defined in the page. hence, the content container inside the header.

Like so:

The problem I am having, is that my grid, on my page, is duplicating itself into the header.

How it SHOULD look/how it is designed in Radzen:

How it is ACTUALLY displaying:

I have put a red square at the bottom, you can see that the grid that I want, the one in the body is under the header, because the header is being extended by the "fake" grid.

Why is there a grid inside the header? I did not place that there, nor can I find it inside of the MainPage.razor code.

You have two content containers. Why? What you plan to display in the second?

In the header, I need to populate the "Territory Rep" drop down with data from a database,
I also need to populate the top right (under the big black line), with the admin's name, also from the database.

I could just build a blank layout with only a body and a content container, but I was hoping to build it this way because I have another page that will, in the future, use the same layout as this page.

Am I missing something about content container functionality?

The content container will simply display content from the page that is using this layout. When you have multiple content containers you will actually render the page content multiple times. Multiple content containers is supported by most frameworks (including Angular used in Radzen Angular projects) however it's not supported in Blazor:

Ah, understood. Thank you

We decided to log a new issue in the ASP.NET Github repository as we believe this is a common requirement and most of the popular web frameworks support it. Feel free to give it a thumbs up! Hopefully the guys at Microsoft will reconsider and add support for that feature in a future Blazor version.

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