Compatibility Issues In Edge Browser

Hello Radzen Team! I am experiencing an issue with the Radzed Components Library where it is not properly displaying the Date Picker or Dropdown elements that we use inside a RadzenDataGrid in Edge Browser.

The Datepicker for example is not displayed next to the input, it can be located by scrolling up or down.

We noticed this only happens on Edge, somehow the components above are changing the Datepicker position. It works perfectly in other browsers.

Thanks in advance!

Just tried various pages in our demos using Edge and everything worked normally:


We've managed to reproduce the problem when we remove RadzenLayout from our demos. It turned out that in old Edge there was a need of additional code for popup positioning that is not needed in the new Edge rendering engine. We published update immediately.

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Hi Vladimir, thanks for the prompt response and incredibly proactive assistance that you gave us. The issue has been resolved and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. :grin: