Calendar-component cannot read parameters

The calendars LoadData-event gets triggered before the pages Load-event. Is this normal?
Let's say I open a details-page, what I have as parameter is the PK in 'this.parameters'.
I will read this in the Load-event, create an object out of it, use it on the whole page and that's it, but if my details-page contains a calender to show some additional data the calendar will fail to read the parameter because it loads
first: too early
and second: can not be reloaded after that initial load

I found a 'hack' where I can read from '${this.route.params.value.EventID}' but I do not think it was meant to work like this. Is this a bug? Or is it by design?

The LoadData event should definitely not fire before the Page Load event. We will see how to avoid that.

Should be addressed by Radzen 2.13.3 which was just released.

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The problem still exists in 2.13.3

Make sure there isn't a client\node_modules directory otherwise you are still using the older version.

If there is an update, and I install that, why do I have an old version running? Does the setup not care about an old folder? And how can I be sure which version I am running?

Radzen itself is updated. If your application is having custom node_modules directory Radzen will not touch it. The Radzen components will remain old in such cases.

How did I get custom node_modules? Where can I check for that? How can I disable that?

We have discussed this here.

We will find a way to detect such cases and display a warning in Radzen.

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Since this discussion I left the situation with a symlink folder. Now I looked it up again ... and it's again a folder!? I am sorry, I will delete it and hope it doesn't come up again.

Did you run the application from Visual Studio? If yes - this explains why there is a node_modules directory. Visual Studio runs npm install behind the curtain unless it already exists (as a symlink or directory).

Radzen works in both scenarios - with a symlink and custom node_modules as there are valid use cases for the latter - the developer may want to install third party npm packages. The problem arises when we release an update of the @radzen/angular npm package which is the Radzen Angular UI components. In case there is a custom node_modules directory this package remains old.

In a future release of Radzen we will perform a check to see if the version of @radzen/angular is up to date in case the application has a custom node_modules directory. If it isn't we will ask the developer to either update @radzen/angular from command prompt or to delete node_modules altogether so Radzen can use the symlink.

I use VS to attach to the process and debug it. So yes it is possible that I started up the project while no folder was present. I will keep an eye on that.