Symlink locking up

Hi, since the last version the node_modules folder isn't in every project anymore, instead it's a symlink, which is nice ... but now I have to deal with lockup issues. What could lock up Radzen when there is only one instance of the executeable running?

Unexpected error
EBUSY: resource busy or locked, symlink 'C:\Program Files\Radzen\resources\node_modules' -> 'c:<my stuff>\client\node_modules'

Hi @Moo,

The symlink is from the very first version of Radzen, otherwise we will need to execute npm install for every app during first build which is slow. Such locks are never reported before. Is it during run?

Ok, so there is no symlink and there should be a real folder?

I deleted my node_modules folder today, then I uninstalled radzen, then I uninstalled radzen, then I started my project, then I found that symlink folder in my project-folder
Why? Because of this: Calendar-control not interpreting datetime right

How do I recreate what should have been in that node_modules place?

Symlink is created when you run the app from Radzen:

local/old version of node_modules will be available only if you execute npm install or run the application from Visual Studio/command prompt.

I CAN do both, but in which state SHOULD it be?

Better leave it with symlink otherwise you might end with old version of some of the npm packages.

Ok thanks, I will try to reproduce this lockup issue and report back.
Restarting Radzen solves the lockup-issue but isn't that nice (and yes it happens as soon as I click the run-button).

Running two applications from two Radzen instances is not possible in the default app configuration since both will try to use port 8000 for the Angular app and port 5000 for the .NET Core app:

Of course you can change the second app settings to use different ports if you want to run both apps together.

I do not want to run 2 applications at once (only 2 radzen instances to compare values of certain fields and stuff), and also - as far as I know - did not run another app before I ran into this lockup-issues, but thank you for the information.