Blazor dropdown does not render properly in bootstrap modal window

Having a weird issue with the Radzen blazor drop down display which works fine on any non-modal screen, but on modal window the "drop down list" part of the control shows up in a different location than the drop down itself (see image attached):

I am on the latest version of the Radzen.Blazor 2.0.13 nuget package.

Thanks for any assistance here.

Hi @jaikmis,

Please use Radzen Dialog - it will work normally:

thanks, I will give that a shot. Appreciate the quick response.

@jaikmis we recently fixed an issue which is probably related.

With latest Radzen.Blazor 2.10.11 this error still exist. Will there be a fix for it?

How can we reproduce this error? Some minimal demo would allow us to troubleshoot.