AutoComplete Change event

I am trying to make use of the AutoComplete component to allow a user to type a partial entry and then select from the matches if required. I want to use the Change even to warn the user if they have not entered a known value.
The problem is that if I click on an available option, I get two Change events, one for what I typed and one for the entry I selected. This means I can't use the event to validate the entry.

I have verified this on the Demo site and am seeing two Change events when I would only expect one. Can the first event be removed?


Hi @briancarter,

The AutoComplete can have custom values (not from the suggestions) and that's why it fires two change events in this case. This behavior can't be disabled. You can probably use a DropDown component with filtering enabled to achieve what you are after.

Thanks @korchev
I am not sure I agree with your explanation but thanks for the feedback.
The DropDown isn't suitable for what I am trying to achieve, so I have had to disable the warnings to the user.