AutoComplete does not close on first click


While using the autocomplete component I ran across something particular: the dropdown for it was not closing on the first click. At first I thought it was my code so I spent a bit of time trying to fix it then after viewing the demo for it - it contains the same behavior. It forces the user to either click twice on the item or outside of the dropdown and I am unsure if this is intentional or not so I am not calling this a bug, but if it is intentional is there a way to make it close when you click on an item?

Thank you.

Hi @Kyle,

We will do our best to fix this in our upcoming build later today.

Also, in my tests it also fires the Change event twice whenever you click an item in the dropdown. The first time is the value you entered and the second time is the value that you clicked. Is there a way that could also be fixed as well?

I can provide the code I have for it but it is essentially just the component itself. with a function call tied to the Change event passing in the arguments.
Thank you.

Check this thread for reference: AutoComplete Change event