Angular updates?


I've noticed for a while now that the front end blazor components are being upgraded with new features added all the time. There have not been any real updates to the angular components for ages now to try align them with whats available in blazor.

Is Angular no longer a priority for Radzen?

You can check this thread for reference:

Thank you enchev. I wasn't sure if this post was still valid as it was quite old.

I'll give the beta a spin. Appreciate the fast response

As additional note I would like to mention that Radzen Angular components are just wrappers over popular third party components and as such are completely dependent on their functionality while Radzen Blazor components are made from scratch.

Thank you!

I am using radzen beta now and my build is failing with many errors like below..

import { GridModule } from '@radzen/angular/grid'; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ src/app/app.module-generated.ts:27:28 - error TS2307: Cannot find module '@radzen/angular/form' or its corresponding type declarations.

Any tips?

I’m not sure what can cause this error, make sure you don’t have local node_modules folder without all dependencies.

so the app runs fine in radzen, although when doing a manual build with npm install and then ng build I am running into these issues