Adding methods in the design view of methods?


I want to make a tutorial where I use as much of the Radzen Blazor Studio functionality as possible.
I have been playing around with the "data" and "methods" design pages which is pretty cool.
But when it comes to creating new methods, i cant find an option to do it. Can someone direct me in a direction?

As you can see on the image i have the Count() method that i created myself in the code. And when i do that, it does appear in the method selectbox at the top. When i click the "+ Override" there is only the normal predefined options to choose from. Can't i create a custom method without creating it in the code by myself?

Hi @AlexanderGudmundsson,

Indeed at the moment the only way to add a new method entire via the designer is by subscribing to an event (via the + button in the Events tab of the property grid).

We will consider your feedback to add a similar feature in the method designer.

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I did not notice i could just create the methods directly from the + button in the Events, that is also a logic place to have it. Thanks for the quick answer Atanas @korchev !