Your web site has issues in loading

Hi Development,

I am having too many loading issues in

  1. It shows an empty window on the Source tab

  2. Navigation does not respond. So, for example, I first navigate to the DropDown, and then I click on DropDownDataGrid but it only changed the URL but did not reload the certain page.
    (Here might be some image as an example but I cannot put more than one embedded media since I am a new user. (In all honesty, I wonder what is the purpose of this restriction ?))

Can you please mitigate this issue because it is really making accessing the information complicated and sometimes even unreachable.

Kind regards,

We were in process updating our demos - it should be ok now.

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I noticed the same issues, very lagy website. I was excited that components are free, but this does not look good.

Hey @Mikimauz,

Not sure what you see at your end however the issue reported here was fixed immediately. The exception caused by the wrong link to source files prevented navigation.

I am also facing the same problem on when navigating to to the source tab for the last four days,

I've just checked and all source files are visible without any errors:

Can you share on which example you have problems?

There are multiple issues visible in this screenshot. The site is not secure and there is an error most probably - I suggest you to clear your browser cache. Here is the actual state of our demos:

10x @enchev
that was my problem. I got it.