Wrong data type of stored procedure parameter (MS SQL)

When inferring MS SQL stored proc with nvarchar parameter, Radzen studio generates method with parameter type varchar.
MS SQL Procedure:
Generated "Service" method

I'm using Radzen 2.84.3
The only related topic I could find is this

But it's not about the same.
Not sure if it's helpful, but just in case I ran query mentioned in that topic

      OBJECT_SCHEMA_NAME(so.object_id) + '.' + so.name AS 'procedureName',
      p.parameter_id AS 'parameterId',
      p.name AS 'name',
      TYPE_NAME(p.user_type_id) AS 'type',
      p.max_length AS 'length',
      p.is_output as 'isOutput'
      FROM sys.objects AS so
      INNER JOIN sys.parameters AS p
      ON so.object_id = p.object_id
      WHERE so.object_id IN ( SELECT object_id
      FROM sys.objects
      WHERE TYPE IN ('P','FN'))

and it shows "nvarchar" type for @text parameter.

You are right! We will do our best to improve this in our next update next week.

Thank you for prompt response and support.

Appreciate what you're doing.

Looks like the issue has been resolved with the latest update.
Thank you very much.