Workflow In Radzen?

Hi! I am wondering if a workflow feature could be implemented in Radzen? For example, on a Payroll Application, the timesheet should be approved by the TImekeeper before the PAyroll Manager will process the payroll, I am wondering if the Timesheet user when logged in should see a message that somebody sent the timesheet for his/her approval , something like in yahoo or gmail where we see the email icon with number of messages that we received, in this way the user will be notified that he/she needs to approve or check something. Thanks!

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Are you looking for notification component?

Something Like that but , imagine a user, edits a record or add a new record, then updates it, this record needs approval so another user must approve this, once the approving end user logs in, he/she will see an automatic notification just like an email where you can see immediately that you have unread messages , so that he/she will will be notified that there are records that needs to be approved like maybe opening a pdf image on the record and he she will click a check box that it is now approved. it is like a Workflow feature of an application where the approval process goes from one user to another and before another can approve or process a payroll for example , then the higher ranking end user of an organization must approve it first by clicking a check boz maybe.

I am requesting for an example of the scenario that I mentioned if there is, a workflow example if it is not too much on your part to create a demo of how to do it. Thanks!

I'm afraid that we do not have such functionality

Thanks! It's very important for a simple payroll Line of Business Application.

I for one don't understand why this couldn't be done. I don't think there's any technical limitations or lack of features in Radzen that would prevent an app like this. And if there is something missing, then just wire in a 3rd party component. I've built HR onboarding apps with similar platforms that do everything you describe, even send email notifications. Radzen can do everything these other platforms can. Of course, strong knowledge of dot net and coding are key.

Perhaps you're looking for something that is mostly drag and drop development and want to avoid writing code? If so, then check out Microsoft Flow, etc.


Thanks Stephen! Can Microsoft Flow be integrated with Radzen?