With .net 8 and Automatic interactive render modes, RadzenBody jumps up and under the header

I have a MainLayout like this:

    <MyCustomHeader />
    <MyCustomSidebar />
    <RadzenBody class="rz-p-1 rz-pt-3">

<RadzenDialog />
<RadzenNotification />
<RadzenContextMenu />
<RadzenTooltip />

If I enable interactivity in the MyCustomHeader like this:

@attribute [RenderModeInteractiveAuto]


as soon as the interactivity is initialized, the body content jumps up by the height of the header, and behind the header:

If I remove @attribute [RenderModeInteractiveAuto] this doesn't happen, however interactivity is needed to make the header interact with the sidebar.

Unfortunately, I cannot share my whole project as it is company code.


I noticed that turning on interactivity adds the fixed class to the RadzenHeader which causes this behavior.

You can check the sample application attached to this thread. It shows what to do in order to avoid this behavior. Sidebar not working in .NET 8 RC1 experiment - #13 by korchev

<RadzenHeader style="position: static">
    <RadzenStack Orientation="Orientation.Horizontal" AlignItems="AlignItems.Center" Gap="0">
        <RadzenSidebarToggle @rendermode="@RenderMode.InteractiveServer" Click="@(() => sidebar1Expanded = !sidebar1Expanded)" />
        <RadzenLabel Text="Header" />
<RadzenSidebar Style="width:auto">
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