Windows security - get a blank page

I just updated to version 1.6.0 and try to test the long missing windows security.

I started a brand new Blazor server application in Radzen without any security enabled. The application runs fine. Once I enable "Windows" security, I get a blank page, also after set the Access to Everyone.
Whats the reason for this?


Well, it’s three months after the official release of Radzen Blazor Studio and the same functionality is still available in Radzen IDE but anyway you might need to provide a bit more information if you want to receive an answer to your post. Check our forum FAQ for reference. What is blank page? What’s the type of your application? What’s the version of your Windows? Do you get any errors?

a blank page is a empty page with no content. HTML is this:

As I mentioned, it is a Blazor server app.
I use windows 10 22H2 as OS
I don´t get any error message.


I don't see anything, try screenshots.

I don´t know if this works:

I also want to upload the source code as a zip but I have no the rights because I am a new user.

A other hint:
My OS is not in a AD domain, It´s a standalone development environment.

Kind Regards

Hi thanks for give me the possibility to upload data. This is the source code: (315.3 KB)

Hi @rb2,

I’m afraid that we cannot reproduce such issue locally. Try to hard refresh the browser using CTRL+F5, clear the application cache and try incognito mode.

Hi it is crasy, only with FireFox I this 401 error. With Chrome and Edge I see no issue.


This might help:

Thanks for the information, that is a solution.

Thanks a lot