Windows authentication like Lightswitch

Hello, is it possible to use the same Windows authentication like Lightswitch with "allow only users specified in the Users screen"? (see picture?)


Hi @Mad.Rain,

We are not sure what this feature does precisely. You can try the Windows security option that Radzen currently provides.

Ok - there is the option only to add users from Active Directory to the list of users - after typing the username and leave the input textbox lightswitch searches in AD for that user and fills the FullName...
the result is that only this specific user have access to the app

I confirm that such a feature isn't supported. You can specify the access to a page as shown here. You can also check Active Directory security support which connects to the Active directory server directly instead of relying to windows security.

OK thanks - maybe it is possible to have the same functionality with custom Security like
radzen-examples/CustomSecurity.cs at master · radzenhq/radzen-examples · GitHub

The linked demo is using a database. The security you are referring to isn’t supported. You can check the links to our documentation that I have provided earlier.