Why when no link is available for page, it remove page parameter

@page "/home/{id}"

In above home page, id parameter just removed if there is no link available in page. is radzen going to resolve this issue. So that when we want parameters for a page. it should work normally as it is declared

Indeed, Radzen works in that way - it uses links to pages to determine what their parameters are.

I will request to make sure, parameter should be there. if no link is there.
In some cases we need to redirect users to a page which should accept parameter from server side code c#, but as we do not include any link in app. then it just remove on runtime.

Hope you get my point.

You could use the code generation ignore list to achieve that.

Will this requested change not going to be the part of upcoming versions?

as its no possible to add most of applications pages into ignore list.

No, this is not something we plan to do any time soon.

ok. then i will add a dummy or site-map page, will links for all pages having parameters to keep all parameters in application pages.