Why Blazor server-side only?

It would be great to see examples of using Radzen components in the webassembly variant.
Server-side projects still behave unstable due to the unreliable connection of SignalR, you can see the console logs of any page with Blazor components. You will see that at certain intervals, the websocket is disconnected with an error of 1006. This is critical for pages with authorization, as authorization data is lost and the user has to repeat the login.
Webassembly came out in official support, so we are really looking forward to examples!

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At the moment we are busy with shipping Blazor WebAssembly support in Radzen. We probably won't create separate demos for WebAssembly. After all the beauty of Blazor is that the component syntax is 100% the same regardless of the flavor - server-side or WebAssembly.

There are plenty of examples online for the platform specific stuff such as security and database access. I am sure you will find a lot of useful demos.

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