Where is the variable instruction?


I can't find the variable instruction.
For example, you write
<RadzenAccordion style="--rz-accordion-content-padding: 6px"...>

But where can I see a list of all the variables?
As "--rz-accordion-content-padding"?

I can't find here

Please add info (instruction) about variables on main doc page
And add info about css-classes
where they are stored in the project, where they can be viewed.


Hey @Andrey_Ya,

You might need to visit the following links:


there your link
general topics.

But I'm asking about specific components, as RadzenAccordion.
But where can I see a list of all the variables - their names?
As "--rz-accordion-content-padding"?

Not "Color", but "--rz-accordion-...."
Because I see

  1. blazor.radzen
  2. launch Accordion Docs
  3. launch Accordion Source

But there is nothing about "--rz-accordion-content-padding"!
Where I can see all the variables - their names
for ACCORDION as "--rz-accordion-......."?
And for other components?


You can check the source code where everything is defined. We don't have documentation describing every single of the variables - they are close to 800 (if not more) and we have made sure to give them descriptive names such as "accordion content padding".

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