Where can I find the _content folder

I would like to see the content of this css file

Wher can I find it?

This file is embedded in the Radzen.Blazor nuget package - there is no physical file you can check. Use your browser's developer tools to inspect it.

Thanks, as I understand it I can use bootstrap?

What if I want to use scss?

Another question: If I only use the grid will my users have to download every component in the Radzen.Blazor packages?

The default-base.css file contains all CSS required to style the Radzen.Blazor components. It does not depend on bootstrap.

You can use whatever you want in your application. The Radzen.Blazor components will only use the contents of default-base.css.


Thanks for all your help :grinning:

But I am not going to use the grid it's simple to slow.
I am showing 500 items, yes it's a lot but the the amount changes very slowly and I would like my users to always have the customer at hand

Okay I was a little to fast in judging the grid. I do thin it has a performance issue. I tried some of the others grid out there and also just using bootstrap and the Redzen grid is very slow.

But, but I set the page count to 25 and removed sorting and to my joy I can still filter all the 500 items and it is fast.

I also really like your DialogService, NotificationService and TooltipService. Very similar to something I implemented in WPF many years ago :wink:

So thanks again and sorry for being short headed

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Well if it's embedded I'm wondering why the style isn't applied and it's not working after following the GET STARTED


There are issue in F12 :

Unhandled exception rendering component: Could not find 'Radzen.preventArrows' ('Radzen' was undefined).
      Error: Could not find 'Radzen.preventArrows' ('Radzen' was undefined).
          at https://localhost:7081/_framework/blazor.webassembly.js:1:328
          at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
          at a.findFunction (https://localhost:7081/_framework/blazor.webassembly.js:1:296)
          at _ (https://localhost:7081/_framework/blazor.webassembly.js:1:2437)
          at https://localhost:7081/_framework/blazor.webassembly.js:1:3325
          at new Promise (<anonymous>)
          at Object.beginInvokeJSFromDotNet (https://localhost:7081/_framework/blazor.webassembly.js:1:3306)
          at Object.Rt [as invokeJSFromDotNet] (https://localhost:7081/_framework/blazor.webassembly.js:1:59738)
          at _mono_wasm_invoke_js_blazor (https://localhost:7081/_framework/dotnet.6.0.1.ds660b5dbb.js:1:194546)
          at wasm://wasm/009705ea:wasm-function[219]:0x1a129

Nevermind. I had to do the step 2 and 3 which I didn't know they were included in the nuget package