Where a Studio page is inherited from?

Hello, I set up a project with Radzen Blazor Studio Server (Excellent job guys!) and do the main dev in VS22, core7, exposing the app in React. I find something interesting. A page from Studio is not inherited from anywhere and will not compile in VS22 as the override on initialization has nothing to override. I am forced to inherit the VS22 pages from ComponentBase. So, how are you guys able to go away with it in Radzen Blazor Studio? In the past, I was able to run my project either in Blazor Studio or in VS22, the same code, and it was VERY comfortable.

Hi @Romy,

I suspect the problem is something else. You seem to describe a known issue related to .NET 8.0.200. The latest version of Radzen Blazor Studio addresses that.

That is correct. I had the problem until v1.23.0 was released on 2/14.

korchev, I do run v1.23.0 and net7.0

What is the output of dotnet --info?