What is: Royalty-free volume license?

Where can I find an explanation about the Enterprise “Royalty-free volume license” and how it is different than the “Royalty-free license per developer”?


Both Radzen Professional and Enterprise are royalty-free. This means that you can develop as many applications as you want, sell them to as many customers as you want, without paying any royalties to us - it is only the license fee. Feature-wise both versions are the same for the time being. The support response time and prioritisation is the major difference.

Volume licensing is special pricing for customers that need a lot of Radzen licenses. We offer discounts in such cases.

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I am interested in purchasing a few licenses for Pratt & Whitney, in order to do so I need to provide the EULA and SLA to my legal department. How can I get copies of those documents?


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