Weird Issue

Issue with layout panel menu visibility

I have different page values whos visibility is bound to a variable. For some reason, even if the value is true, it does not show the page on the navigation panel. It shows fine if I unbind a variable entirely from it. Tested to make sure variable is getting set via a button and its value is indeed true. Please advise, only noticed this with the newest update last week.

Further just tested by making a variable in the Page.load() and set its value to true to make sure this isn't a load-time issue. I bound this to a pages visibility and the same issue occurs.

Can you reproduce this issue in the attached project?

Oddly enough it works there but in my project even when adding the toggle button to the variable controlling everything, I get no updates on my panel.

You can check if you have a custom client\node_modules directory - if you have either delete it or update the @radzen/angular npm module to the latest version. Otherwise compare your project and the one attached for differences. If you manage to get my sample app to behave as in your case do let me know.

It is weird as I am not able to reproduce these issues. I tried reverting back our package.json and redoing npm i entirely but even when reverting back to a known working version in the past, I am still having the issue now. Quite odd. Could my global node modules interfere with this and if so, how do I change that?

No, global node modules won't interfere. You can also check for any JS errors. If you cannot determine the cause - send us a runnable version of your application to We will need everything required to run the app - any custom code, database SQL script etc.

Yea that's weird. I was having the same error!
Values that define menu visibility being ignored!
The issue went away, I switched to a menu and removed the sidebar...
When I tried to add the sidebar again the issue returned!
I will try to reproduce the error here.

I managed to reproduce it pretty easily!
I made a panel menu inside a sidebar and a normal menu beside the site logo.
I am trying to make an hobby project for an RPG system and you can see here.
I put the same conditions on the Characters and Feats menu option showing up.
But on the normal menu they show up...
But not on the sidebar even though they have the same condition!

@Levi_Barrocas how can I reproduce it in the attached project? We've made changes in the PanelMenu that prevented child menu items from hiding/showing. This change could have caused a side effect however I cannot reproduce such a thing.

I think I reproduced it. Will follow up when there is a fix.

The latest Radzen release should address this issue.

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