Webapplication runs on linux ubuntu server, but is useless looks weird

Hi there,

I am running radzen blazor studio on a windows machine and I want to publish it on a ubuntu server. The result however looks stale, as if the radzen blazor components can not be found on the server. My procedure was as follows

Publishing the app via command line, since I cannot find a "linux-x64" option in the blazor studio.

dotnet publish -r linux-x64 --self-contained false

(I also tried the --self-contained true option with no avail)

Copying the files in the bin\Release\net8.0\linux-x64 folder to my /var/www/html/ folder. Executing the .dll file with the dotnet command on the server.

The CSS and JavaScript files are not loading at the moment. This is why your application is not styled. Make sure the wwwroot directory is copied as well. You can use your browser's developer tools to check what the server response for CSS files is.

You can also use deploy to zip - it will create everything needed (but requires .NET to be installed on your server).

By the way our online demos are hosted on Ubuntu as well. We use docker.

Thank you for your quick response. There was no wwwroot directory, when I created the app via command line. I am using RBS now to publish the app, that works on my ubuntu server.