Visual Studio & Database Schema Refresh


I'm currently experiencing issues attempting to refresh the database schema after integrating the project with Visual Studios.

Unfortunately, I'm in the process of rewriting an older application using the existing poorly designed database. We discovered recently that the database had a small money issue in one of our tables and we needed to change the data types of certain columns to decimal.

We were able to fix the issue and it is resolved since it is a small issue that doesn't necessarily need a schema refresh, but for future reference could you tell me how I can refresh the schema in vs studios or radzen blazor studio?

I'm sure it is a simple process, but I can't seem to find anything on the web.

Thank you,

For Visual Studio the only way is to code manually, for Radzen IDE/Radzen Blazor Studio you can simply use the database wizard to get the new definitions from your database. Check our documentation for reference.

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