Visual Studio build/debug

Hello Radzen team,
when i start VS 2017 debug or building the app VS starts to download npm packages for arounfd 10 minutes.
The problem is that the node_module shortcut in client\src folder isnt present.
The shortcut is only there when i start the app with radzen.

VS then creates a real node_module folder and so the shortcut will never be created again and not the actual node_modules will be used rather the node_modules downloaded from. VS. Which is not in the sense of the inventor :grin:


Do you have any ideas what to do that this behaviour can be corrected?

Kind regards

Hi Thomas,

Indeed Visual Studio runs npm install when there isn’t a node_modules directory present. We cannot do anything to prevent that. Normally this should be a lot faster but at the end it depends on internet connection speed and what not. Once there is a node_modules directory it should run a lot faster. Also Radzen will use that node_modules directory. There could be a problem however when some of the node modules are updated for example the @radzen/angular package which contains the UI components. In such cases one has to manually run npm install from command prompt within the client directory of the Radzen application.

Long story short if you want to build with Visual Studio you will have to wait for npm install to finish. The other option for debugging is to use the Attach to Process feature after running the application from Radzen. You would still be able to debug and won’t have to launch the application from Visual Studio.

Best regards,

Hi Atanas,
“Attach to process” sounds good. I will give it a try.
Debugging saves a lot of time.
Ok. Thank you for your help.

Kind Regards