Visual Studio 2017 Professional: Cannot load project

I tried to use my Radzen Application in VS. So I followed the steps described under Run with Visual Studio (Angular) but when I load my solution, the project load fails:


When I reload the project as suggested, I get the following notification:

Project file is incomplete. Expected imports are missing.

There's no difference when I run VS in Admin-Mode. Can you please help me to fix my issue?

Thanks in advance!

Visual Studio 2017 cannot open Blazor projects.

Thanks for the quick answer, I have merely followed your documentation. Maybe it has to be adjusted at that point, because if I choose the Blazor-Tab on, there`s no notice that it doesn´t work with Blazor-based projects.

Blazor applications require Visual Studio 2019. This isn’t related to Radzen in any way so you won’t find it in our documentation.

Hello again,

I switched to Radzen/Angular. Same issue here:

  • VS 2017 in Adminmode
  • Load Solution
  • Same behaviour:

error : Project file is incomplete. Expected imports are missing.

I also tried to follow steps under Using Visual Studio 2017 in conjunction with Radzen - #7 by enchev, without success. It seems that required packages are missing and they don`t install automatically as described.

Can you please help me once more?

Thanks in advance!

Both Radzen Angular and Blazor applications are using .NET Core 3.1. You cannot use VS 2017 to open and run latest .NET Core applications.