Visual Editor for Components in Secondary DLL project

When creating a project (.NET 8) in Radzen Balzor Studio, I can create "user controls" by adding Razor files without the page declaration to the "Components" folder of the project. This can be visually edited in Radzen in the same way as normal pages.

However, if I have a solution with two projects, one is my application and the other is a DLL that hosts the component, I cannot use the visual editor to edit the UI of the control in the library DLL. The visual editor just shows a white screen, with no error.

If I embed the component in a page of my application, the user control is rendered correctly, but of course cannot be modified here, I'm using an instance of the control.

Is there any chance that I can use the visual editor of Radzen also for Razor components/user controls that live in a separate DLL project of my solution?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @JustJoe,

Please send us your application and we will investigate. Use a cloud storage provider to upload it and share a download link with us.

Thanks for providing a project. It turned out to be a case which we didn't support. I have some work in progress that seems promising. We will release design-time support for secondary projects next week.

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This is great news! Thanks a lot!