Virus wiped me out

Is there a way to recover a published code back down into Radzen? I got a crypto locker variant on my system and it locked all my files and several servers, including backups.

Sorry to hear that! I replied to your email.

In general we recommend using a version control system. Github now support free private repositories - there isn't any reason not to use them :slight_smile:

@joshwilliam, Hope you managed to restore your files. Our websites are on a remotely hosted service which was also hit 2 days ago by malware and all our websites are still down today with very limited details from third party support on cause, backup availability, loss of PII, email buffering or ETA.

I was able to recover to a backup stored on my QNap. I'm not sure how to go about setting up (checking in and checking out) the code from Github. Are there any tutorials for that?

You can check Github's Hello World guide. Also there is a GUI tool which makes things easier. Radzen comes with a .gitignore file (which ignores build artefacts) so you can commit all files. After you make changes in Radzen you commit the updates to your repository.

Thanks. I have migrated to Github. I wish I would have done it sooner lol. It's much easier than TFS/VSOnline/Azure Devops.