Version history source control

Does Radzen support any version history source control integration?

Currently our company creates web applications in visual studio and integrates with visual studio team services online for version control.

If we want to move to Radzen I need to know how we can use it to integrate with version control so we can have users check-in and out files and do branches and merges on the project?


Hi Nick,

Thank you very much for your question!

The application generated with Radzen can be opened with your favorite editor (Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, etc.) and it can be source controlled again with any source control system (Git, TFS, etc) at the moment.

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In Visual Studio…
How can i add the client and meta directory to the project/source control?
only the server directory has a project (csproj) file and so in visual studio only the server files can be put under source control.

in VS Code one get put all dirs/files under source control because it depends not on a csproj