Version 2.55.2 crashed my PanelMenu

Hello Radzen Team!

After updating to the last version, my PanelMenu was turned useless and unresponsive.



So what happened was Radzen removed all the Children in the Panel Menu:

Even tough the Children were removed in the server folder, they stayed in the meta folder:

Might be a side effect from this fix.

Hi @kim,

It is indeed a bug but is caused by another thing - the navigation parameters. We are working on a fix.

Radzen 2.55.3 has been released and should address this problem.

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Hi @korchev,
The Fix works... the menuitems are showing.
But... the Menu is not closing (as previously) after clicking on the menu item:

Could you please correct this?


Radzen.Blazor 2.17.5 should address that regression. You will have to update the Radzen.Blazor version in the csproj file of your Radzen application.