VB code run from Button click event

Can I run a vb.net sub (code) from a Button click event? I would like to create a code handling routine in VB ( my language of choice) and have the click event fire it. It seems to want javascript code not VB. I know I have asked this before but the settings are not clear.

Also which file will I need to add the actual code to. If there is a reference to how this is done please let know.


John W

Indeed invoking VB code from an Angular application isn't directly possible. Angular runs in the browser whereas the .NET runs server-side. This is why has to use an HTTP request to invoke server-side code. We have a tutorial here which shows the required steps.

In the future when Microsoft ships officially Blazor (and adds VB support to it) one would be able to invoke C# or VB code directly from a button click in Radzen.

Thanks I will work with that. I understand Core 3 will support VB.